About Us

Great homes don’t begin with materials or machines nor do they start with architects and blueprints. Great homes begin with vision – your vision.

They start with inspirations, drive-by admirations, scribbled notes, and bookmarked pages. And at the end of it all it is better than you have ever imagined.

At Arete Custom Homes, we aren’t just architects or builders. We’re listeners. We’re lovers of detail, distinct style, and construction that lasts. From the initial concept down to the last light bulb, we work with our clients to create homes that are truly their own.

We promise creativity, efficiency, quality, and transparency.   We will be with you throughout the whole process with starting from your initial vision, to creating the design, until the final build or remodel. We will brainstorm and collaborate with you, while keeping you on time and budget every step of the way.